Forensic Accountant

In criminal and civil matters, it can many times be important to piece together a complex financial puzzle of an individual or business.  This task necessitates the services of a forensic accountant.

A forensic accountant has to have the knowledge, experience, and skill to chase down financial trails that lead in many different directions.  A good forensic accountant needs to be able to take minute pieces of detail and see a big picture.  They need to be able to persuade others to provide necessary information and documentation and leads.

When investigating fraud, embezzlement, or money laundering, the good forensic accountant will need to put the financial picture into a document that helps investigators and attorneys understand the details and magnitude of alleged schemes so they may be properly prosecuted or pursued.

Furthermore, it will be the forensic accountant who may be deposed and/or called to testify in court as an expert witness.  The forensic accountant must not only be good at the investigation, but compelling and convincing in the presentation to others, including judges and juries.

To be able to piece together complex puzzles, a forensic accountant must understand human psychology to some degree, along with general business, investment, and financial strategies, tax return and financial reporting, interpretation of trust documents and other legal documents, and a myriad other complexities in order to connect the dots in a financial scheme either simple or complex.

On top of that, a forensic accountant must be able to mine data in a clever way, especially when there may have been an effort by other parties to cover a trail.

Herndon CPA is able to provide such services in a professional and competent way.

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