Individual Tax Planning

Herndon CPA has the expertise and experience to provide you with individual tax planning and tax return preparation.

As Christians, we believe in sharing in the burden of government through taxes (ideally with government as ministers of righteousness).  However, we also believe in being good stewards.  Part of being stewards, is making sure the government gets only what it is owed, based on your financial success, and not a dollar more.

Tax law and regulation is complicated – both at the federal and state level.  Dealing with taxing agencies, can be even more complicated.

There are many tax preparation software programs you can pay for and use yourself.  However, they take time to master, and won’t necessarily lead you to the correct answer, especially in the many gray areas of tax law and regulation.

What is the value of your time?  As a tax professional, Paul Herndon takes approximately 40 hours of continuing professional education every year, maintains a subscription to excellent tax research software, and consults with other very competent CPAs and tax attorneys to make sure you are well-represented.

If a good CPA doesn’t save you more than they cost, then they aren’t worth hiring.  We believe in adding value to you and your family.

What about the anxiety and fear than can arise when you find out a mistake has been made and a state or federal taxing agency is charging penalties, interest, and is pursuing liens and garnishments to get paid?  Are you going to be your best representative before the tax professionals at the IRS or state taxing agency?

Herndon CPA is here to help you through such problems and work for the best solutions for your taxing problems.

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