North Idaho Payroll

North Idaho Payroll

HERNDON CPA specializes in running payroll for small and medium sized businesses.  Our smallest clients might have just one employee, while our largest clients have been as large as 20,000+.  We no longer do these really large clients so we can focus on our local business community and provide the highest quality payroll service.

Payroll Frequency

Pass through entities with one shareholder could possibly qualify to run just a single payroll every year toward the end of the year, when it is a most effective time to determine what reasonable compensation for the year should be.

Other entities might have monthly payroll for their employees, twice monthly, or biweekly (every two weeks).

We utilize software that enables all employees to receive their paystubs as pdfs, and all net payroll amounts are direct deposited.  Of course, we can also produce an old-fashioned check.

Tax deposits and quarterly/annual filings

With payroll activity comes monthly tax deposits for federal withholding, quarterly tax deposits for state unemployment insurance, and quarterly tax filings including the form 941 and any state filings necessary.

As well, payroll service requires annual federal unemployment filing, and production and distribution of W-2s for employees.  Herndon CPA can provide all of this service so you don’t have to worry about “compliance” and can focus on running your business and being exceedingly good at what it is you do.

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