Sandpoint CPA

Sandpoint CPA

Herndon CPA is a CPA firm just south of Sandpoint, Idaho in Sagle.  Paul Herndon has been a Sandpoint CPA since 2011, when he got his master’s degree from Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA and obtained his CPA license.

As a Sandpoint CPA, Herndon CPA serves small businesses throughout Sandpoint, Sagle , Coeur d Alene, and Spokane.  We specialize in small business taxes, bookkeeping, payroll, forensic accounting, and expert witness services,

We provide value to our business clients through good tax planning and compliance, plus through keeping accurate books and executing timely payroll, freeing each of clients to focus on their core competencies and not on tax compliance and financial record-keeping.

This allows you to spend more of your time on doing what you do best, while we do what we do best to help you be successful.

In the area of legal work, Herndon CPA PA is experienced in data mining and extraction for simplifying complex financial puzzles and presenting them in a civilly and criminally prosecutable way.  Herndon CPA provides expert witness testimony to back up the detailed data mining and summation we provide.

Part of the Sandpoint community

In addition to providing accounting services to Sandpoint, Paul Herndon CPA also owns a local Guernsey dairy, which provides amazing local food to north Idaho, and provides well-paying agricultural jobs.

Furthermore, through having a dairy, Paul Herndon is committed to improving the local area through good environmental stewardship, managing all of his acreage using organic practices, and hosting bees and chickens from other Sandpoint-area farmers.

Understanding small local business in North Idaho

By owning a business that is capital and labor-intensive, Paul Herndon CPA understands tax and accounting as it applies to business in a way which few local CPAs do.  It is not just theory when Paul considers return on investment, best depreciation methods for tax purposes, business succession planning, or the myriad of other challenges facing a local business owner.

Furthermore, Paul Herndon understands intimately the relationship between risk and reward, and thus is able to assist you, the Sandpoint business owner, in being a wise and investing steward of your resources.

Free initial consultation

If you aren’t entirely satisfied with how your tax, bookkeeping, and payroll needs have been met in the past, Herndon CPA would be glad to meet with you, for free, to discuss how we can help and make a seamless transition to a relationship where you will have your tax, payroll, and bookkeeping expectations met and exceeded.

See our contact page for getting a hold of us.  We look forward to working with you.